Shareholder information

Preference shares

Main characteristics of the preference shares :

  • Priority right to an annual fixed dividend of 6.37 EUR gross per share, capped at this amount;
  • Priority right in case of liquidation to a distribution equal to the issue price, capped at this amount;
  • Possibility for the holder to convert his preference shares into ordinary shares;
  • Option for a third party designated by Cofinimmo, to redeem the preference shares not yet converted at their issue price from the 15th anniversary of their issuing.

Capital composition

  2016 2015 2014 2013 2012
Number of ordinary shares 20,345,637 20,344,378 17,339,423 16,954,002 16,423,925
Number of preference shares 685,553 685,848 688,485 688,682 689,397
Total number of shares 21,031,190  21,030,226 18,025,908 17,642,684 17,113,322

Conversion of preference shares

  • Conversion procedure FR/NL
  • Conversion request form FR/NL

The preference shares can be converted into ordinary shares. The conversion rate stands at one ordinary share per preference share. The conversion periods are the last 10 days of each quarter.

Notifications of share conversions

  2016 2015 2014 2013 2012
First conversion period
Second conversion period N/A
Third conversion period
Fourth conversion period