Performance & data


The following data are compliant with the EPRA reference documents and calculated based on information from Cofinimmo (owner), Cofinimmo Services (property manager) and the buildings' occupants. They concern the offices spaces of the office and PPP segments and a sample of surfaces of the segments healthcare real estate and property of distribution networks.

  • Total consumption of direct energy coming from fuels (MWh/year) based on GRI G4-EN3
  • Total consumption of electrical energy (MWh/year) based on GRI G4-EN3
  • Relative energy consumption (kWh/m²/year) based on GRI G4-CRE1
  • Total direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions (tons of CO2e/year) based on GRI G4-EN15 and GRI G4-EN16
  • Relative greenhouse gas emissions (kg CO2e/m²/year) based on GRI G4-CRE3
  • Total water consumption per supply source (m³/year) based on GRI G4-EN8 and GRI G4-CRE2
  • Total weight of waste collected by treatment canal (tons/year) based on GRI G4-EN23
  • Percentage of waste collected by treatment canal (% of total weight) based on GRI G4-EN23
  • Type and number of certificates based on GRI G4-CRE8

Key performance indicators 2015